The 500 Club

Go above and beyond

The 500 Club is a way of helping to support the 90th Division Association in it's efforts to be the best veteran's association it can be. Contributions made to the Association will place your name on the 500 Club's rolls and your name will be listed as a member in the next Reunion Program.

Any donation made over your dues amount, is tax deductible and will make you a member of the 500 Club.

 Please note: Dues are NOT tax deductible, only the amount donated over the dues amount is.

please make check payable to:

The 90th Division Association

and mail to:

Nancy Rasmusson, Executive Director
PO Box 125
Nevada IA 50201-0125


Thank You !


The 90th Division Association is a 1.501(c)(19)-1 War Veterans organization.

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